UPLYKKE Irrigation Venturi Fertilizer Injector Kit – 3/4 inch Mixer Injectors Garden Agriculture Water Tube Garden Ozone Injector – 1 Set


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  • Our venturi fertilizer injector is a one-time injection molding with a reasonable structure – water transfer 0.65-2.24m3/h, working pressure 0.07-0.95Mpa, fertilizer suction capacity 9-92L/h
  • The fertilizer injector’s water inlet and outlet are male threaded – 3/4″ NPT thread, easy to link
  • Using the venturi principle, it is convenient to suck in all kinds of liquid fertilizer and inject it into the irrigation pipe, so that the water and fertilizer can irrigate the crop evenly. Widely used for liquid fertilizer injection through the drip irrigation system
  • The pipe is equipped with a flow control valve for easy operation of the fertilizer suction volume
  • This irrigation kit includes a fertilizer injector, a water tube, a switch, and a filter

Package Dimensions: 48x208x245

Details: Description

UPLYKKE- Venturi type fertilizer suction device Size – 3/4″ Water flow- 0.65~2.42m3/h Working pressure- 0.07~0.95 Mpa Fertilizer suction capacity- 9~92 L/h Product Application 1. Suitable for small area use 2. Select a fertilizer suction device according to the crop and irrigation area, too big or too small is not conducive to adequate fertilization. It is very important to choose the right size injector for your irrigation system or it may not create enough suction to draw any fertilizer at all. you must know the flow rate of your irrigation system so you can match it with the right size injector. 3. Fertilizer suction device and the main pipe should be installed in parallel, and the water volume should be controlled by adjusting the valve for the purpose of fertilization. Venturi fertilizer injectors are a great way to mix fertilizer into your irrigation system. They use your irrigation system’s water flow to create suction that draws liquid fertilizer into the system. Reasons for the inability of the venturi to absorb fertilizer: No vacuum. Your injector must be completely airtight to create a vacuum strong enough to suck fertilizer up the suction tube. Make sure you have a rubber gasket between all connections on the injector and rotameter. Some Venturi injector kits come partially unassembled and may have a loose gasket in their poly bag packaging or a gasket may have fallen out of its seat. Not enough water flow – also called motive flow – to create the pressure differential needed to create sufficient suction. Refer to the performance chart to see the motive flow and inlet/outlet pressure needed for your injector model. You may need to switch to a smaller injector and use a bypass setup. The fertilizer container is positioned too low relative to the Venturi injector. Try elevating the fertilizer container so that less vacuum is required to lift the fertilizer solution up the suction tube. The throttle valve on the suction hose is in the closed position.

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UPLYKKE Irrigation Venturi Fertilizer Injector Kit – 3/4 inch Mixer Injectors Garden Agriculture Water Tube Garden Ozone Injector – 1 Set

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