The Fun Way to Get Testimonials About You

By Vikram Rajan ▶ @goRaviate

Testimonials, compliments and feedback about you are all called “raves” within Raviate. They can be voice recorded or typed, via your Raviate profile or phone number (voice or SMS). Right after they rave about you, they’re asked if we can share the rave on their social media (after you make it public): All they have to do is select 1 or more social media, and it’s automatically in queue for you to post onto their social media, for their connections to see their rave about you. Once you approve a rave, it’s automatically posted onto your website, social media, and Raviate profile.


The simplest way to get raves is what I feel is the second-best way: Ask them. When a client or colleague thanks you for doing some great, ask them to rave about you. Ask them to dial your Raviate phone number while in front of you. OR, go to your Profile right in front of them, and type in their phone number: Have your Profile call your colleague automagically!

Of course, you don’t even have to ask them: Copy & paste a link to your Raviate profile into your email signature; use the easy Raviate tools to do so. A ‘passive ask’ is thus sent with every email you send!


The Golden Rule, “Do Unto Others As You Have Them Do Unto You,” inspired the funnest feature of Raviate: “Rave About” someone, and they are very likely to rave about you in reply! It’s the shortest path to getting raves about you. But don’t rave about someone expecting a quid pro quo; a mutual admiration society out of collusion isn’t fulfilling or authentic.

The best way to get testimonials about you - Vikram Rajan - RaviateTo “Rave About” someone, all you need is their name & email address. Raviate will take care of the rest. You can even customize the email notification sent, but keep this short & simple. Let your rave do the talking for you; let it be a fun surprise to hear you. The “Listen Landing Page” will help them to ‘rave reply’ if they’d like to.

Raviate gives you easy tools to help you identify & track who you can rave about: In the ‘Who I’ve raved about’ tab, you can track who has publicized the raves, or if it’s pending their action (ahem, remind them). The other tab suggests who you can start raving about ASAP:

  1. Who are your VIP relationships, e.g., referral sources & confidants?
  2. Who provides a great service or product? Rave about what they do.
  3. Had a great meeting with someone? Rave about the experience.
  4. Rave about someone’s great work ethic or great ideas!
  5. Who does good for others, a charity, non-profit or fundraiser?
  6. Who’s under appreciated or a “best kept secret”?
  7. Who have you lost touch with? Send them a surprise rave!
  8. Record a rave for those you can congratulate or celebrate (see who in your LinkedIn Connections).

Who else deserves to be raved about? If we’re missing a prompt, mention it in the Comments or email me; I’d like to add to the list! This tab in your Raviate dashboard also features a notepad that automatically saves your notes. Jot down names; you can look up their email addresses later. Meanwhile, jot down bullet points to mention in your rave about them.

No need to wait until you have all the addresses organized: Rave about someone right now & see what happens. The more you rave about others, the more others will rave about you!


OH, what’s the best way to get testimonials and other raves about you? Practice, practice, practice. Deserve it. Provide such great customer service that nobody has to actually contact Customer Service. Be remarkable, literally. Then these are other ways are even more fun; what do you think?

Vikram Rajan is the co-founder of and Raviate. You can read more about at Vik is a frequent present at Bar Association and other lawyer groups on topics ranging from Internet marketing, word-of-mouth referral marketing, and Attorney Advertising ethics.