Get more business from your presentations!

Engage your audience in a fun & novel way with Raviate: Capture feedback, testimonials & other raves. After you approve what's said, Raviate promotes these raves on your website, social media and on your attendees' social media!


  • Run 'random winner' raffles by txt msg

  • Poll your audience & show live results

  • Collect voice recorded & texted raves

  • Raving fans get you more speaking gigs

Hear them rave about you: START


Raviate is an easy system for giving and getting voice & text testimonials and thanks. After you approve what's said about you, Raviate posts these raves on your website & social media and on your VIP's social media!

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I’m no techie geek, how can I use Raviate?

Raviate was designed for non-geeks who want to benefit from more referrals from social media, automatically. No setup is needed to try Raviate. Nobody has to download any app. Your clients & colleagues can simply call your Raviate phone number to rave about you.

Raves are posted on your Raviate Profile, created for you. You can link to this from your e-mail signature, website, blog, or add to your brochure & signage.

When you want to get raves on your website, Raviate can email instructions to whomever helps you with your website. It’s simple so no need to worry about it. You may be able to do it yourself.

Do you use Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter on your phone (or does your Internet browser automatically sign you in, with saved passwords)? Raviate can then connect with your social media in 1 click!

AT LAST: We can help you 1-on-1. Simply select this after you select your monthly plan.


How do raves post on everyone’s social media?

As others rave about you, we’ll invite them to connect their social media: When you approve the rave, it’ll be posted on their chosen social media profiles – with their name & photo right on their rave about you. This is pro-active word-of-mouth marketing for you!

For you:
This is done in one EASY step: Do you keep yourself logged into Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube (via Gmail)? Raviate will automatically connect with your permission. Or just one time, sign into Facebook (etc.) in its permission pop-up. From then on, whenever you approve a rave, Raviate will automatically publicize it to your chosen social media.


Custom settings for power users:
You can also schedule what day & time your rave will appear live on your social media. You can also choose how often it’ll re-post! Recurring raves boost its visibility and keep your social feeds fresh.


How do I get more people to rave about me?

Most will do so once they learn you’re a Raviate member. You can easily get more word-of-mouth raves in less time:


📃  Paste a button into your email signature
❤  1 click to ask for raves on social media
📨  Send an email: 1-on-1 or upload an email list
🏢  Signage: Record raves in your lobby or POS
🔁  Rave About them: Then they’ll rave about you!
😃  JUST ASK: Whenever anyone thanks you!
▶  Rave Player asks on your website or blog.


How do raves get onto my website?

Using Raviate is QUICK & EASY. You can add raves to your website in 3 ways:

1. Add a Rave Player to your website (see lower left for our example): We can email instructions to whomever manages your website. It’s easy to install our WordPress plugin or copy/paste our code into your website 1 time.


From then on, whenever you receive a new rave, just click ‘Approve’ it and the rave will be play on your website. It’s that easy!


2. Or, simply add a link on your website to your Raviate profile: You get an automatic testimonials page, search engine optimized and mobile responsive!


3. You can also ’embed’ raves on any page of your website, including bio pages & blogs.


Are any raves publicized without my approval?

No, your raves are kept private until you publicly post them. You can “archive” raves for later private review or “trash” the ones you don’t want. You can collect as many raves as you want.


Can raves be recorded anonymously?

Yes: When someone records a rave for you, they don’t have to mention their name. However, by mentioning their name/business, they promote themselves through your publicized rave. Moreover, when they connect their Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn, you can post the rave on their social media when you go public with it.



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